Dorene Sykes Artist's Statement


My artwork explores the harmonious relationship between people and their environment. The inner joy of communing one-on-one with nature, calmly drawing strength from solitude, is a recurring theme. The Cape Cod seashore has been an inspiration since settling in Falmouth in 2004.

Another influence is my passion for family history, researching ancestors who immigrated to America during the 19th century. I often strive to portray how the Cape might have been experienced by visitors during an earlier time, such as when Henry David Thoreau explored our shores alone.

My appreciation of family history has also instilled a love of black & white photographs. Whether high key images with brighter tonal values, or dramatic images with contrasty shadows, there's just something about monochrome prints. Timelessness. Simplicity. Their ability to stir the soul.

It's also a return to my own early days of film photography. I recall the magic of creating prints from negatives. Sculpting an image in my darkroom by holding back or giving more light to create what I saw and felt. Placing the exposed paper in my developer tray. Holding my breath as my creation came to life.

Today, digital photography offers even more opportunities for creative expression, from image capture through artful editing and printing on paper, canvas, and metal. Whether shooting with my Canon R6 mirrorless camera, or with my iPhone 15 Pro (the camera that's always with me), it's a glorious time to be a photographic artist on Cape Cod!

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